Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Quick catch up

Hey Guys,

After having a sift though all that I still have laying around I'm quite pleased to say not a lot has changed in its state of usability.

The Parachute Deployment System is all still intact (apart from obviously needing a new battery) =D

All of the Asymmetric splices will need rebinding with fibreglass tape in order to be used again as the adhesive has discoloured and given up on most of them. The splices will be re-pressure tested and has a thorough post test examination before being classed as usable again. I am however a little sceptical that they will come through, so in the mean time will start collecting new bottles to create splices with =)

The Launch Pad is in exactly the same state as previously described a year or so ago so this is the first item to be sorted on the agenda.

I must still glue in a bottle cap to the 15mm nozzle piece to create the new larger nozzle.

I promise the next update will be a little more interesting with a few pictures this time =)

Until then thank you for reading..

Regards Doug

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