Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pressure Tests Ready for Next Week

Hey guys,

Ive decided its about time i had another launch day and finally get my Symmetrical and Asymmetrical splices in the air, so this week i have pressure tested both splices ready for a launch asap.

The Line-up will be:

  • Nexus I (has one flight behind its back and was used to fly the Parachute system M.k.3 which crashed) (will be used first to fly the In-Line parachute system)
  • Fracture I (Symmetric Splice)
  • Fracture II (Asymmetric Splice)
All that's left to prepare now is the launchpad which needs a few minor additions and the rest of the Crew which i need to contact. :P

Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Inline Deployment System using Air Commands STII

Escape Water Rockets Inline Deployment System
I decided to go for something simple first just to get us back in the air as we've been a long time grounded. The pod is following the rough design that Air Command produced for an Inline Deployment System and for the electronics i have ditched my RC system and bought a couple of STII's (Thanks George) to control our system.

Deployment System:

Servo Timers:

One problem I've always had is making sure my Correx disks are in fact circular and the right size, and as i wanted most things to be as accurate as possible this time round i came up with a solution which I'd like to share.

I remembered i had a Dremel cutter down the shed with a cutting disk holder attachment so i thought why not attach the disk of Correx onto this disk holder spin it and sand it while it moves. So that's what i did.

I bought 2 of the STII's from Air Command and i intend to do something different with the second one although i am not 100% sure what that is yet, the expandability of the timers will help me think though.
I reinforced the area on the skin for the servo with another piece of PET glued to the outside skin.

Thank you for reading