Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm back

Hey Guys,

Its been much too long since I've posted anything or made any progress with this hobby (or any of my hobbies for that matter!!) work and a few life hurdles threw themselves in my path over the past couple of years so for that I apologise.

I am here to STAY this time =D!

The plan for the next few weeks are to dig everything out and take a stock check of what is ok and what will need remaking or repairing.

FIRST on the agenda after that is to get the adaptor piece for the launcher on the workshop floor and made either by me or if I don't have the time I will contract the piece out as a long enough wait has grown.

I will make the promise of an update a week until no longer necessary, so watch this space =D

Regards Doug


  1. Hi doug, welcome back in the world of water rocketry. I totally understand that sometimes you're just to busy with other things and you don't have time for your hobbies, same problem here :)


  2. Glad to have you back Doug! :) I look forward to seeing what you get up to with water rockets.

    - George