Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Splice Pressure Test

Today the asymmetrical splice was tested :)

The setup is as follows, splice and supply line full of water and the splice submerged, air supply is the mains powered home compressor. I used the test as a chance to test the mini compressor too.

The above pictures show the point of failure after the tape was split at 185psi

Things i taking away from this test are:
  • The Mini Compressor is garbage above 50psi and took 10 minutes to get there ... BIN IT!
  • Put less glue on the splice joins.
  • Remember to wrap the tape a little tighter round the bottom of the sleeve.
  • Submerging the makes it a little quieter but still scares you when you have a load of water shoot 3ft in the air. :P
I am considering purchasing a Scuba Cylinder or something alike for pressurising rocket as used by Air Command as it seems to be the quickest and most effective method of doing so.
I am also considering importing some PL Premium to make splices, this is because of the annoying and very messy expansion of polyurethane available in this country along with the fact it must be mixed with some form of powder to be at all workable.

Anyways I hope the results have been as interesting for you guys out there as they have been for me.

Regards Doug

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  1. Very nice work Doug! Good to also see that the splice held up to the 185psi, which is very close to what we saw.

    You've got to love those explosions :) We've stopped submerging the splices in water as it didn't dampen the noise too much. The water just transfers the shockwave to the edge of the container. We just place the splices in a thick wall metal pipe and cover it with towels or foam. You can hardly hear it. The ends of the pipe are also stuffed with rags so when it does go, the expanding air just blows them out.

    Keep up the great work.

    - George