Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Asymmetric Splice Attempt

Hey guys, over the past few days i gave the Asymmetric splice a go, so here's how its going so far.

Step 1: 4 Clean bottles with the cap rings and bottoms removed.
Step 2: 1 Bottle shrunk and curled and both sanded with electrical tape marking added.
Step 3: Sikaflex applied and waiting to dry.
Step 4: 1 Day later and the Sikaflex is dry and the tape is removed along with the excess beading of glue.

Step 5: Marked out and sanded ready for the Titebond and Polyfiller glue mix.
Step 6: Glue applied and left to set for a Day or two.
Step 7: Glue used on the main collar has been allowed to set for a day and tape is removed. The small square to cover the slot is now applied.
The Finished Join :)
I am waiting on and order of glass strapping tape to ad the strengthening sleeves, by the time it arrives the splice will have been given time to fully cure and i shall test the splice after adding the sleeves. :)

Thanks again to George and the crew over in Sydney for the tutorial. http://www.aircommandrockets.com/construction_6.htm

Regards Doug


  1. The splice is looking great Doug! Good luck with the pressure tests, I'm looking forward to the results. What bottles are you using in the splice?

    In the last photo, I noticed there is a little bit of a gap near the top between the sikaflex and the inside of the bottle. Those are easy to fix while you are putting the splice together. Just give any of those spots a very light push with your finger and it will make the sikaflex adhere to the inside wall giving you a better seal.

    Though you should be good to go with this one.

    - George

  2. Hey George

    Cheers for the tips ;) The bottles i am using are standard 2L bottles avaliable in the UK they are quite thin in places and most fail at 145psi by themselves. Looking forward to the outcome myself it should be interesting :)

    Regards Doug