Thursday, 4 November 2010

New Launcher Stage 4

Stage 4:
We have now fully dismantled the launcher, cut the slots for the adjustable guide rails and have received our aluminium rods in which to make our guide rails.
We first Stripped the base plate of everything we had attached placing it all to one side, we then covered the centre holes with a piece of card in order to re-find the centre. Using the re-found centre and the compass circle dissection method we marked out where the slots for the guide rails needed to be cut.

We then drilled to the full size of 6mm either end of the marked slot and drilled a series of 4mm holes in between each end to make cutting the middle out easier. Using a file next the slots were filed down to become a 6mm slots, each 60mm long to allow for different bottle diameters.

The base was then sanded to remove all the pen marks and rust before being painted with hammerite protective paint, this is to prevent the mild steel from rusting due to moisture (It will get plenty of that ;]).

The aluminium rods needed for our guide rails have also arrived a week earlier than we expected, they are early due to the company explaining they were out of stock till next week.

We will not be able to start work on them till next week. However in the meantime I will work on uploading more of the backlog of our endeavours.

Until then Thank You for Reading


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