Thursday, 28 October 2010

New mini compressor

We have bought a 12v 250psi rated mini compressor to save time and effort when pressurising our rockets when we are out in the field. However it has come with a cigarette socket power supply plug attached, and as we intend to run the compressor off a 12v battery, this is useless.

After researching around a little we found the end tip of the plug goes to positive and the collar to negative, so we dismantled the plug and separated the wires from it labeling the positive with red electricians tape. We later purchased a pair of 15amp crocodile clips to attach to the ends of the wires. This will allow us to connect the compressor to a 12v battery once bought.

We are aware from information gathered from other hobbyists that have used a mini compressor this method of pressurisation is only useful for smaller rockets, however for the time being is more than adequate until we can afford a more effective method of pressurisation.

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