Sunday, 31 October 2010

New Lancher Stage 2

Stage 2:
We installed and tested the plumbing/feed line and launch abort valve today. We are using the simple Gardena/Hozelock quick connectors for this and Hozelock Ultra Durable Hose.
We have fed a length of the hose though the base plate to the quick connector that holds the rocket down with another quick connector underneath the front that makes up half the non-return/launch abort valve.
Our launch abort valve is using the design made by Air Command and can be found here:
We have now also pressure tested this equipment to 150psi for a minute which we feel is satisfactory as our highest launch pressure is 110psi. We will of course upgrade or re-test our equipment should we start using higher pressures. As also seen in above picture there is a nasty bend in the line where it turns a right angle we are going to place a brass or copper 90' Elbow to ease the stress point for reasons of safety and allow better flow through the system.


  1. Nice work on the launcher guys. :) Will you be mounting a guide rail on it? Also will you just use the Gardena release head or will you also be able to switch the release heads for bigger nozzles?

    - George

  2. Hey George,
    We cant decide what to do on the nozzle front at the moment as we have very limited access to machinery of which to make custom sizes on, we have been considering ways to do so though, as we know from the Simulator Nexus V at 800g is going to strugle with our 9mm Hozelock. As for the guide rails, we are waiting on some aluminium tubing to mae them from. There going to be very similar to your Medium launcher with a detachable top half and adjustable width. Next update shouldnt be long for you too see i am goin to start on the backlog of our ventures tonight however.

    Regards Doug

  3. doug do you have any clue as to when we will be delivered the aluminium tubing in order to make the guide rods, also when will we next be able to test launch our new recovery pod, so that we can check the system for any bugs that need attention

  4. To be honest butch i have no clue about the recov pod but it will be after the new launcher is finished. As for the aluminium next week maybe.