Thursday, 14 June 2012

Launcher Update: Release Head Attachment Piece

Hey Guys,

I have been working on updating the launcher for a while now but only recently taken any action.

Couple of reasons for update:
1. A more robust air delivery system within the launcher (In this case copper pipe in place of hosepipe).
2. Interchangeable release heads for different size nozzles.
3. Launcher base needs a re-paint in places of increased wear.
4. Possible addition of a lever to make pulling the release head easier.
5. Possible addition of guide rope secure points (Rather than pegging into ground)

So first place to start, the strip down of the launcher, for now all I have taken off is the launch stanchion this is because the first problem to be solved is that of making the release heads interchangeable.

The plan is to make an adapting piece that will sit atop the stanchion and have the 15mm copper tubing soldered into the bottom, then attaching the release head will use the quick connectors own threaded locking ring.



Above pictures show the design breakdown and internal details of the piece to be made, this piece will allow us to swap between the large and small diameter nozzles very quickly with no tools required. I'm sorry if details given seem vague and do not give a great visualisation as to how exactly this piece will work but there's no easy way to explain it other than wait to see the finished piece.

This is all the updates to show for the launcher so far.

A few other bits and bobs I'm going to be getting on with in-between working on the launcher are, more parachutes (1x75cm, 2x100cm and 2x150cm), the recovery line accessories e.g. the shock cords and securing lines. Work has also begun in making a streamlined parachute pod but more on that at a later date as nothing will be able to be launched until the pads completion.

Thank you for reading 



  1. Hi Doug,

    Good to see you getting back into the water rockets. :) The new launcher improvements sound great. What kind of a guide rail system will you use for your rockets?

    - George

  2. Hey George,

    Same set-up as before just with a few improvements really :)

    Regards Doug