Wednesday, 16 November 2011

(Stratum I) Plus a few odd's and end's

As mentioned previously I have been working on our first series of rockets to use multiple spliced pairs joined with tornado couplings.

I have just finished making the fin set we are to use on this series, which in this case was the last piece of the puzzle and the rocket is now complete.

All the rockets STATS are displayed in the Visio drawing below:

As seen above we plan to make a more streamlined nose cone/deployment system for our rockets, this is something we hope to start on during the winter as well as some planned improvements to the launcher. 
The improvements made will be to allow us to change the release heads for larger or smaller nozzles however the case may be, this will be done with a permanently plumbed in copper tube system.

I have also hollowed out a few of our tornado couplings  and placed the seals kindly provided by George over at Air Command.

We have always used 2 small 20inch anti tangle chutes on our rockets these now however are much to small for the weight our rockets are gaining, therefore I have bought a large amount of thin Ripstop Nylon to make parachutes with. 
The plan is to make 2 of each sizes consisting of 75cm, 1m and 1.5m diameter parachutes. 

I have now started the Blog I mentioned previously about a traction engine build if anyone is interested.

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