Monday, 8 August 2011

Tornado Tubes!! And general bits & pieces

I recently ordered 10 tornado tubes, now based on our successful tests of splices and recovery system we can start to look at linking some splices together to make our Stratum series, I just need to make or order some seals to be used in the tubes.

The Green ones are going to remain with the smaller holes as they can be used for jet foaming (something we intend to have a go at with Nexus II once we have it flight tested).

I have also Replaced the old o-ring on the nozzle we found the problem was in fact it was too big and was folding up to where we saw it as it was being placed on the launcher, this in turn was stopping it from locking down properly. It wasn't the seal that came with the nozzle piece when bought anyway so we'll blame that :)

As for the abort valve problem i still need to test it but i found some grass stuck in the quick connector so George you were right it wasn't fully locking up correctly :P.

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